CryptWin OTC and Execution Solutions

CryptWin OTC and Execution Solutions platform is dedicated to serving private and institutional clients with the professional services and cutting-edge technology.
The prime choice for block trades, secure settlement and competitive pricing.


Open CryptWin account and finish KYC
Request for quote from OTC traders
Agree on the price of the quote
Trades directly settled into your wallet
Trade Any Asset to Any Asset
Support 350+ cryptos, stablecoins, and fiat pairs listed on the CryptWin or any synthetic cross pairs.
Global Real-time Support
Powered by in-house technology, get real-time responses for immediate trading needs in fast markets.
Fast & Competitive Pricing
Access competitive and firm pricing without the need to trade on order books.
Best-In-Class Services
Access best-in-class service from our team with experience from top global investment banks and exchanges.

For trade sizes USD$200,000 equivalent and above, get a quote and execute trades via verified communication channels.

Connect directly via REST API for both request-for-quote (RFQ) and live streaming prices/request-for-stream (RFS) trading solutions. Integrate our pricing seamlessly into your platforms.

Sophisticated TWAP and volume-based execution algorithms built on robust quantitative design to minimize slippage, market impact and adverse selection for large positions and illiquid assets. Exclusively for VIP and Institutional clients. Submit and manage your orders on the newly launched Algo Orders function on the VIP Portal.

An immediate and simple way to execute your trades via our GUI, with zero exchange fees and slippage

Settlement and Credit Lines

Seamless and secure settlement across all your trade types directly on your existing wallets and margin on CryptWin. No uncertainty, risk of sending to wrong addresses or counterparty risk of sending funds to other wallets.