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Buy now and get +40% extra bonus Minimum pre-sale amount
25 CryptWin Coin. We accept BTC crypto-currency.

BTC calculator:


BTC price:

1 BTC = 41280.5900 USD
1 BTC = 36513.4600 EUR
1 BTC = 309.210000 LTC
1 BTC = 13.4300000 ETH
1 BTC = 4716916.6000 JPY
1 BTC = 30369.5700 GBP
1 BTC = 37990.2100 CHF
1 BTC = 57181.4800 AUD
1 BTC = 51364.7600 CAD
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An intuitive experience from the start.

From day one, we designed and built a streamlined bitcoin exchange for newcomers and experts alike.

Make easy deposits and withdrawals

Measure your portfolio’s performance and keep track of all of your digital assets in one convenient place.

Our crypto guides

While the concept is simple, we know that aspects of cryptocurrency can seem a bit complex.


Our resource center will help guide you through the basics of trading digital assets and how it’s changing the way the world thinks about money and finance.

CryptWin gives you the power to hit the ground running, no matter your experience level. Earning the trust of our clients has always been our highest priority.

CryptWin the Revolution
in Virtual Coin Trading

Our platform provides world class financial stability by maintaining full reserves, healthy banking relationships and the highest standards of legal compliance.

Why CryptWin Exchange

Safeguarding your funds and your privacy is our number one objective


Manage your positions easily with our intuitive trading platform and advanced order options.


Manage your positions easily with our intuitive trading platform and advanced order options.


Quickly and easily leverage CryptWin funds to go long or short on a currency pair by up to 5x.

Lowest fees

Another benefit of margin trading cryptocurrencies with CryptWin is that we offer extremely competitive fees.


Margin trading lets you amplify your gains from market swings, allowing you to execute more complex, active trading strategies.

Complex trades

Large investors have traditionally used margin trading to express unique ideas about the market, but most investors frequently lack access to these tools.


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Our servers reside in secure cages under 24/7 surveillance by armed guards and video monitors. Physical access and code deployment are strictly controlled. Nothing ships without intensive review.

Information Security

All sensitive account information is encrypted at rest at both the system and data level. Access is strictly controlled and monitored.

Penetration Testing

We have an expert team dedicated to testing our own systems via every imaginable attack vector. Additionally, we run a bug bounty program to leverage the expertise of the broader security research community.

Safe Coin Storage

95% of all deposits are kept in offline, air-gapped, geographically distributed cold storage. We keep full reserves so that you can always withdraw immediately on demand.

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