CryptWin Wallet

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A market-ready solution for coins such as BTC, ETH, DOGE, BNB, SOL, and other 500+ assets supported by 6 networks. We are constantly updating our list of digital assets and adding new ones on a regular basis.

Everything in one place

  • Send and receive crypto
  • 💰 Exchange and buy instantly
  • 📋 Transaction history
  • 🎛 Mnemonic phrase for security and privacy
  • ✨ Create and restore wallets

Instant exchange

Up to 50,000+ pairs with fixed rates. Guaranteed receipt of the exact amount of crypto with no hidden fees.

Buy and sell crypto with credit card & bank account

Fiat-to-crypto transactions are now just a click away

Every NFT with you

Send, receive, store, and collect extraordinary NFTs from all major marketplaces. Keep all masterpieces in one place – your non-custodial wallet!

Easy for staking

Grow your crypto wealth with decentralized networks in a secure and private fashion. Staking of Solana, BNB, Matic, Avax, etc. is easily available with us.

Built in integration

Effective and high-performing blockchain service providers integrated into our solution for a perfect business and user experience.

Exchange provider

Change NOW — exchange provider. Fast non-custodial swaps.


Guardarian – crypto-to-fiat provider. Buy and sell crypto with credit card & bank account.




Simplex — crypto-to-fiat provider. But crypto with credit cards.