The most trusted crypto exchange

We’re the most trusted place for people and businesses to buy, sell, and manage crypto.

We hold our customers’ assets 1:1

Your crypto is your crypto. It’s that simple. CryptWin doesn’t lend or take any action with your assets without your permission. Also, we offer the most secure and multifaceted risk management programs designed to protect our customers’ assets.

We respect your rights over your personal information

We only collect the necessary personal data in order to provide you with the best protection and services we can – and are transparent in how we use it and why we share it.

We use state-of-the-art encryption and security

The technology that powers our platform was developed with industry-leading security and encryption at its core. Our security team is constantly working to make sure you and your assets are protected from emerging threats.

We offer the finest tools to protect your account

From auto-enrolled 2 factor-authentication (with security key support), password protection, to multi-approval withdrawals in the CryptWin Vault, we provide powerful security features to all our users.

2-Step Verification on All Accounts

2-Step Verification adds an additional layer of protection to your account, and all our users get automatically enrolled when they sign up. 

Password Management

Your passwords stored in CryptWin’s database are irreversibly hashed using the bcrypt algorithm with a strong work factor so that nobody can read them or decrypt them, including us. CryptWin never stores your password in plain text.

Enhanced Account Protections

We monitor third-party data breaches and darknet markets for threat indicators, and automatically secure your login credentials if it looks like your account may be at risk.

Lock My Account

If you see any suspicious activity, you can use our intuitive process to automatically lock your account and instantly stop any further activity or transactions from occurring.

CryptWin Vault

The CryptWin Vault can receive cryptocurrency like a normal wallet, but can also prevent stored crypto from being immediately withdrawn by adding optional security steps.

Proactive Security Notifications

For all main security changes in your account settings, we will communicate with you and even give you the option of locking your account.

Behind the Scenes

Our machine learning models evaluate your crypto transactions, and we’ll give you the option to cancel a transaction before it’s submitted to the blockchain if things don’t look right.

Security Prompt

Security Prompt is a simpler, faster and safer proprietary two-factor authentication method that helps improve the account security of our customers, without compromising their convenience.